Open Dream Box (c)(r)(tm) by [[RzR]] 2004

I am looking for some OpenSource hardware player to replace my Laptop… here some hints.

Here are the specs for the “Open Dream Box”

  • * Build on LibreHardware w/ open Firmware (like Linux) and LibreSoftware players
  • * Silent (no loudy fan) , no Heaty, low consuption
  • * small box (opt portable) w/ Frontal Buttons and Plugs (rear and front)
  • * Input control : Frontal panel (skip track, skip folder, vol …) + Remote Control
  • * IO & Network : RJ45, USB, PCMCIA (opt wifi)
  • * Supply : Int Voltage or Batteries
  • * LCD : ID3 tag (usable w/out tv)
  • * Media : CDR CDRW DVD DVDR* miniCD, (opt: fireware, pcmcia, usb, multicard)
  • * cda sacd dvda OGG/Vorbis MP3 mp3-vbr mp3-cbr@48-320 mp3-pro aac ac3 dts mpc
  • * output sound : 5.1 analog & num, optical (opt: headphone)
  • * mpeg 1 & 2 & 4, Divx, xvid, h26x, Real Video, quicktime
  • * output video : Svideo, YUV, RGB, Peritel, VGA (opt Antena Modulation out)

(opt Radio+TV antenna in) DV output

  • * Containers/demux : mpeg1 , avi, mp4 , matroska mkv, ogm, real qt
  • * subtitles, jpeg, png, kodak, …
  • Option Tuner : FM tuner, TV Tuner,
  • Option PVR : on WriteableMedia video capture, real time encoder
<grompf> RzR: manque une entrée analogique 6 canaux pour decodeur externe.
<grompf> RzR : manque prises frontales : video in, audio in L+R+TOSlink
<grompf> firewire pour le stockage externe, connection dv et table montage
<grompf> RzR :  faut aussi un DSP 32bits entiers (pour les dinos) ou un DSP 32bits flottant (pour les djeunz) telechargeable avec les e/s audio num qui vont bien.
<grompf> RzR : faut aussi un mux d'entrée qui va bien

Projet de lecteur multimedia libre et autonome : http://www.linux-france.org/prj/boxound/




TODAY ON THE MARKET, It seems that most SOC (System On Chip) DVD players are made around the same architecture and most of the source are Closed

which support cuLinux (and other LibreSoftware like xvid & mplayer)

which *may* support a Closed Source OS called DeltaOS : http://www.coretek.com.cn/english/product/deltaos.htm

  • ESS 6168FA Vibratto (Transcontinent)
  • LSI Logic DMN-8602


Fonction        [[SigmaDesign]] EM8500      [[ESS]] Vibratto  [[Mediatek]] MT1389
MPEG4 Single Profile-------Oui-------------------Oui-------------Oui------
MPEG4 Advanced Profile-----1/2-------------------Non-------------Oui------
Post Processing------------Non-------------------Non-------------Oui------
Interlaced vidéo-----------Oui-------------------Oui-------------Oui------
Data partition-------------Non-------------------Non-------------Oui------
Error Resync Mark----------Non-------------------Non-------------Oui------
DivX Pro ------------------Limité----------------Non-------------Oui------
Ogg                         ?

Other projects related to PC and Consoles for setop boxes

see DVD for list

French : http://forum.surdvd.com/viewtopic.php?t=23984&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=

Conclusion :

Unfortunatly today April 2004, there are no LibreHardware device out in the markets, here are the best deal :

Else my favorite Device latest Mediatek chip devices (all closed) like H&B one : FR/ Achettez le online : 119 EUR @ http://www.amazon.fr/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0001L266E/rzr-21/# 1

[[Hardware]] : [[DVD]] & Set top Boxes

Set top Boxes : ADS Tech / Media-link ( Ethernet RJ45 & WiFi, Divx , Mp3, WMA, jpeg, Web Radio) @ 180 EUR carrefour.fr

[[OS]] Operating System :

  • cuLinux
  • Closed Source OS called DeltaOS :


http://www.expresslogic.com/- Express Logic, Inc. - Makes ThreadX RTOS, picokernel, portable, scaleable, preemption threshold, supports many processors from small microcontrollers to high-performance RISC and DSP; full IDE support from leading compiler/debugger makers. No royalty on all products.

http://www.ghs.com/products/rtos/threadx.html ThreadX RTOS from Green Hills Software Green Hills Software, Inc. - Sells, supports ThreadX, efficient, no-royalty, full C source, robust RTOS, gives realtime embedded developers technically advanced multitasking system, picokernel gives very high-performance with very small memory needs.



satellite Ethernet Disque Dur 80Go Tuner TV graveur dvd

DVD, MPEG4, DivX 3.11, 4 and 5, Xvid, JPEG, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, DVD-RW/+RW, Progressive Scan, Connexion Ethernet, Webradio, Connexion internet, Tuner TV, Graveur DVD-RW and CD-RW, Disque dur 80Go, conversion direct MPEG2 vers MPEG4, Full Webbrowsing, Démodulateur satelitte intégré.











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