Divx is a Video Format

translate subtitles

sed -e "s|\(.*--> [[^ ]]*\) \(.*\)|\1\n\2|" < in.srt > out.srt
tr -d '\n' < *.fr.sub.txt  | sed -e "s/|//g" | sed -e "s/{y[[^}]]*}//g" | \
sed -e "s/\({[[0-9]]*}{[[0-9]]*}[[^{]]*\)/\1\n/g"

then wipe ascci 8 bits chars and set it back to ascii7

with Emacs :

  • C-x ret f TAB iso-8859-1
  • M-x iso-unaccentuated

with Unix

  • iconv

Perl http://search.cpan.org/~samv/Lingua-Translate-0.06/lib/Lingua/Translate.pm



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