Software can be ported to several system as Linux, Mac or MS Windows



[[Linux]] Software

[[Music]] / [[Sound]] / [[Audio]]

Beast, octat

freebirth, cheesetracker , audacity , ardour

Planet CCRMA (CCRMA is pronounced ``karma'') at Home is a collection of rpms (RPM stands for RedHat Package Manager) that you can add to a computer running RedHat 7.3, 8.0 or 9 to transform it into an audio workstation with a low-latency kernel, current ALSA audio drivers and a nice set of music, midi, audio and video applications. It replicates most of the Linux environment we have been using for years here at CCRMA for our daily work in audio and computer music production and research. Planet CCRMA is easy to install and maintain, it can be installed and upgraded over the network from the Planet CCRMA apt repository or its mirrors, or from cdroms you can download from this site.

[[Desktop]] / GUI / X11 / KDE

How to | X to use the WIN key as a modifier for KDE ?

Disable Keyboard layout

key modifiers : kde : Shift / control / Alt / Win x11 : Shift / Control / mod 1 / mod 4



# su
# mount ; copy , ln -fs baseq3 ~/.q3a/
Sys_Error: recursive error after: User Interface is version 3, expected 6
# seta cg_drawFPS "1" # @ ~/.q3a/baseq3/*.cfg

Wolfenstein enemy territory, version 2.55 linux

Full version of Enemy Territory. Originally a Return to Castle Wolfenstein mod, no original copy of Return to Castle Wolfenstein is necessary.

This game is one 100% free, no requirements


SYSTEM TOOLS : [[Archiving]]

MCatS is a Modular Catalog System.

The basic idea is to have several modules (shared libraries) that are dynamicly loaded on demand. Lets say you want to scan a CD-ROM media and store it in a database, you just specify that you want to read from cd and output to database. By it's flexibility it makes it very easy to convert between different formats, like between “WhereIsIt” and csv format.

Java cataloging Software :

Debian : sudo apt-get install cdcat gtktalog mpgtx


Windows : Wine & WineX

cvs login && \
cvs -z3 co wine
apt-get install xlib6g-dev libc6 gcc bison flex/stable xlibmesa-dev wine- libwine- && \
apt-get install xlib6g-dev libc6 gcc bison flex-old xlibmesa-dev wine- libwine- && \
cd wine
rm -rf ~/.wine ~/.transgaming
mkdir -p ~/.transgaming/c_drive/windows/system32
# ~/.transgaming/c_drive

Amiga : UAE

Arcade : Mame

Mac ppc ?



Windows OpenSource Software for Windows quelques remarque sous gnuwin, j 'ai dl puis testé gw pour mes parents

le cd demarre IE ? pourquoi pas plutot ne pas utiliser la commande start ? ensuite le cd n est pas bootable :( c dommage ca serais sympa si il pouvais booter freedos ou mulinux Est ce possible de faire un patch pour cela ?

ensuite il manque un firewall et un antivirus

je trouve que le simu de vol est trop gros et il pourais laisser ca place a d autres appli par exemple :


# cat > /etc/apt/sources.list<<OEF
deb ./
# apt-get update ; apt-get install zero-install




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