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MP3 is an Audio Format based on MPEG 2 layer III

Due to legal Patents issue, it is not Libre, the alternative is OGG/Vorbis. The problem is that a few Hardware decode OGG.


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Provideo mp2000 Supports : Suggestion :

lame -h -q0 --abr 128 -b 112 -B 224  ${FILE}.wav ${FILE}.mp3
  • MP3 CBR 128 , 160, 192 : OK
  • MP3 CBR 224 : OK
  • MP3 VBR ABR 128 : OK
  • MP3 CBR 256 (with lame) : KO
  • MP3 CBR 320 : KO
  • OGG , MPC : KO

There are the same product manufactured by Dragon state in asia :


It reads RW cds but x4 cds dont runs perfectly

After 2 years of daily usage, headphone plug is over amplified which is unacceptable, line out is ok.

smart, provideo, mp2000 , pv2000 , lidia ,genica


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