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My NokiaE7 is in bad shape, after UpGrade from AnnA to BellE it asked about a security code, and default one 12345 is not valid but the PhonE is still usable and couple of days ago , the screen started to be less responsive (like on locked mode) …

Boot it in forced mode (Down+Cam+Menu+Power) and now It does not even react to keyboard events …

I finally managed to reflash it again using NokiaSuite but all the key are not responding anymore check the video …

A couple of week later I got it back from nokia care and work as a charm (report said that component has been replaced)

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Travaux effectues :

  • 220 ajout adhesif
  • 110 mise a niveau logiciel
  • 500 remplacement bga
  • 500 remplacement cache/cosmetique
  • 500 remplacement composant

merci NokiaCareFr et Acean !

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ToDo :“Security Code:” screen / “Code error” “nokia e7”

Offline mode was being used. Use offline mode again?

ReseT :

#| "*#7370#"

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MisC :

Stuck on reboot blink 7 time on white “NokiA” and black background , at the same time the battery's led blink white 40 times

MisC :

MisC : SymbianBelle scrores html5test=164+7

upgrade to Belle

This is really buggy using

Finally it was unblocked once i installed this

 C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Nokia Software Updater

And ran Nokia suite again, black screen durring 10 mins then test mode; PIN (1234) and here is BellE

Release : Symbian Belle
Software version : 111.030.0609
Software version date : 2011-11-26
Custom version : 111.030.0609.282.01
Custom version date : 2011-01-26
Language Set : 111.030.0609.5101
Product Code : 059F6L7
Model : E7-00

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@TaG: NokiA BroadCom ArM qt qml



Launching: redak.exe
[Qt Message] file:///C:/Private/e2b9ff6c/qml/redak/symbian/main.qml:87:5: Type BrowsePage unavailable 
         BrowsePage { 
[Qt Message] file:///C:/Private/e2b9ff6c/qml/redak/symbian/BrowsePage.qml:7:1: module "Qt.labs.folderlistmodel" version 1.1 is not installed 
     import Qt.labs.folderlistmodel 1.1 

Edited Solution : make sure you include only platform qml files (ie: qml/symbian vs qml)

I programmed RedaK a LibrE TexT EditoR for HandSet, primary target was MeeGo and it's now available in NokiA's Store then I easly ported to BellE but I am stuck on publishing, the validation report says :


While processing your content we found your Qt Quick app's 
QML imports old, experimental components with "import Qt.labs.components.native 1.0 ".
This import is deprecated and your app will not run properly 
if newer Qt Quick components for Symbian 1.1 are installed on a customer's phone. 
Please use "import 1.0" instead and rebuild your app.
You may refer to this Qt Developer wiki page for additional Qt 4.7.4 compatibility issues. :


You can check the sources I am not importing “Qt.labs.components.native 1.0” but “Qt.labs.folderlistmodel 1.1”

So I am wondering if those labs components should be avoided so far ?

Quoting the Doc :


Note: This type is made available by importing the Qt.labs.folderlistmodel module. Elements in the Qt.labs module are not guaranteed to remain compatible in future versions.


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Question :

I need some help for submitting some symbian app to ovi :

I havent edited my contents for 2 weeks or more … and it is stuck in this state :

QA Overview=Passed Publication=Not published

QA details: { File status Passed Item status: Editing (QA halted) }

Solution : just select the upper context and click on submit again … not the file review …


@TaG: PublisH RedaK


Symbian is an OS for Mobile devices

Programming language for Symbian is C++

OPL is an interpreted BASIC-like language purpose-built for Symbian OS.




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