Cooperation between companies and communities in open source mobile Linux projects:

I let you fill that survey someone promoted on irc but here is my suggestion in case you have no idea

First thing would be to list overlapping activities (ie: distro core, packaging, html5 api, qt/qml commponents, etc)

reinventing the wheel is energy waste isnt it ?

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Here is a draft about a past meego session in KL malaysia. It was a bit too technical for the audiance so I kept is as draft… and talked about the general idea of cooperation and openness…

It may worth a read if youre facing deb vs rpm questions …


MeeGo is a RpM based distro, but derived of MaemO which is a fork of DebiaN and uses deb package format, so what ?

  • start the “deb vs rpm” holy eternal war ? no way
  • respect divergence, that's the base of FreeDom
  • let's focus on cooperation, it will pay in the end


  • large community driven distro and used by its project maemo
  • powerful packaging tools : ie git-buildpackage
  • enhance collaboration with upstream (nice patches stack)
  • future proof community : feedback : patches bug etc
  • deb based distros (harmattan qtmoko ubuntu linaro etc)


  • moblin, fedora, suse etc
  • single spec file
  • may be simpler than deb but less powerful AFIK

RPM source package can be be created easily from deb source package, and then we can provide the best of both world …

FeedBack :


Meego Harmattan or maemo , can rebuild debian packages from source packages with no changes so look if someone started that job if not then the world is waiting for you to :

Unpack archive

cd package-0.0.0

Add a least 3 files

  • debian/control
  • debian/rules
  • debian/copyright

Now build the package to a deb file :


If it fails to create a deb file you may need to :

  • install extra packages and then update debian/control BuildDepends flag …
  • patch the source code ie tweek the makefiles

Once its ok you'll have to build a source package :

debuild -S

Will produce a .orig.tar.* symlink to the archive you unpacked And a diff.gz or debian.tar.gz file of the debian files created before

Now you can try to rebuild it on a minimal system or upload to a compilation factory (ie: obs )

Reference :

Now you can deploy it and test it on harmattan or plain debian or derived distro : ubuntu, mint etc


Half way done, please dont stop here or skip previous step, now let's build a rpm on the same base, just create a spec file to reuse previous debian output files

%define patchversion 0~rzr3
Name: p-uae
Version: 0.0.20110702
%setup -q -n p-uae-%{version}
%patch0 -p1  

Note, this way we're only reuse patches not the dependencies or build rule, I am sure this can be factorized but I havent investigated enough …


Final step is to publish the sources to online builder (obs) and check for issues …

Last but not least promote the project on the forums and wait for feedback


You may ask me to build snapshot versions of your project and be hosted into the shared repo of harmattan, and other meego ones and if possible on other distros too


  • someone create a software
  • the program is published as opensource (libre is prefered)
  • debian patch is created and published
  • rpm metafile is created: .spec file that refer the 2 previous files
  • files are uploaded to obs and builder create the wanted binary packages
  • announce is made on your favorite forum
  • users set up their system and install those fantastic software
  • users report issues or enhancements or join the project for documentation etc
  • enjoy your time to relax while others are doing the same as you did



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