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Good evening,

First I would like to thank those who nominated me for maemo council

I was not too hurry to accept, because I hoped other candidates to shows up 
and give them the opportunity to express their motivation.

But In short I could be a honest candidate
because I wont make any promises,
so If you vote for me don't expect more than nothing ...
This mean if something nice happens,
then consider it as a good surprise :)

No, seriously I've no big plans on this project
(my time resources are also limited),
but this community deserve to remain forever
(or next mandate at least)...

Now, If you don't know me, here some random facts :

* I am one of the few who never used n900 but own n950 n9 n810 and jp1
* I rebuilt/ported over 2K packages for meego/harmattan 
  (now shared on openrepos and referred rzr's shared repo ) ...
* On my day time I work on the other meego offspring
  (and will probably keep those activities separated,
  so please respect this)
* I've some interest into cooperation models between floss communities

Also my profile is there :


Good luck to fellows 



Please put my request in low priority because I am sure there are other CREATIVE pple who deserve those freebies, that's why I did not post earlier …

I wish I could own an extra n950 to be used for a workflow that aim to automate those repeating tasks :

  • enable co-maintenance of packages
  • help / work along upstream's software authors to package their app
  • continuous integration
  • build automatized “snapshot” packages of scm tree
  • test on device each build

Also a n900 would be great to backport app to Fremantle since I miss this device…

More details on my contribs :

Short term projects : publishing some released apps

Middle term projects : finishing those projects

Long term project :

My profile

Related Url :



@TaG: Nokia Linux Debian OMAP esd openmoko nomade xkb nit handset diablo Qt n8X0 ArmV6 omap2

@more: omap nit

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