Hi I wont have time to work on this repo upcoming weeks, so the position is open , if you want to apply please join this team fork and fix any of those packages :

WorkFlow :

1/ add repo builder : home:rzr:harmattan:testing$USER
project: home:rzr:harmattan:testing
repo: MeeGo_1.2_Harmattan_Maemo.org_MeeGo_1.2_Harmattan_standard
name: home_rzr_harmattan_testing_MeeGo_1.2_Harmattan_Maemo.org_MeeGo_1.2_Harmattan_standard

2/ build your package in home:$user

3/ please push your building packages to home:rzr:harmattan:unstable

4 / if it is ok i will merge into home:rzr:harmattan:testing

5/ once test is reported ok it will enter home:rzr:harmattan


Today my interest into meego/maemo/qt is still there, but I am going to be busy or offline a next weeks…

So If you are motivated and enough trustworthy and familiar with OBS want to babysit this repository, it is waiting for you just pm me , I can mentor you on irc if needed …

Here is a simple chalenge to test if you can deal w/ obs, pick any failed package , report a bug on it, then fork it to your home and notify us when it's fixed on the bugreport :

Or there but double check if someone did fix that package :

If you wanna help outside this repo, let me suggest to read this page too :

suggested packages to work on : GtK LdaP

So to recap , register obs mail me your account id at the same time your id :


meta-harmattan is a meta package that stand from shared repo home:rzr:harmattan which contain more than 600 packages … all those packages are free software and rebuilt from sources … meta-harmattan package is a trick to workaround some platform limitations and ease up raw import of upstream debian/ubuntu packages …


Let me also invite you to request to join this team :

To locate your project you have to do :

In manage project ( ie :$project/$project-rzr/edit )

then click “Transfer ownership to a group” and add “harmattan”

If you do transfer your project then collab maintenence will be enhance support and distribution of your software …

I can help and try to rebuild your app,

  • please join this team and import transfer your project to
  • please provide a link to .dsc file or a version control url (git preferred),
  • also if you want me to add/fix the packaging files feel free to add me (“rzr”) to your project scm
  • then I'll be able to provide snapshot packages (


ToDo: OpenSource


but let me suggest to look at the “official” community repo (which is empty now) but it will ensure a better quality than what I've been doing with a couple of contributors, this is important too …

As suggested and requested here the temporary Community Repository for Harmattan. We are eager to hear you sharing packages with us. Please let us know, if you have something useful. Feel free to contact “rzr” or “djszapi”.

Just for clarification: It is not an official Community Repository. We do not promise any guarantee! We do not tend to dislike the Surrounds, Apps and Apps-Testing idea, but for the time being, it means too much bureaucracy and organization yet. Hence this is an interim solution for avoiding the unneccessary community effort.

Preferred workflow is : refer to debian as upstream (home:rzr:debian ) and if needed fix package in home:$USER and merge it back to home:rzr:harmattan , any other sources stream are also accepted (maemo, ubuntu, src, etc)

More Packages


OpenSource :


ToDo :

PorT HildoN :

MisC :




Here is a hackish script I created to mirror MeeGo ObS

# !/bin/bash
set -x

#   pattern="harmattan"
#   pattern="meego"
#   pattern="home:${USER}" # TODO
#   pattern="home:${USER}:" # TODO
#   pattern="home:${USER}:harmattan:base" # TODO
#   pattern=":${USER}" # TODO

    [ "_" = "_$1" ] || { url="$1" ; }
    [ "_" = "_$2" ] || pattern="$2"

    osc="osc -v -A$url"
    mkdir -p "${VARDIR}/tmp/uri/obs/${url/:/}"
    cd "${VARDIR}/tmp/uri/obs/${url/:/}"
#   $osc ls | sort | grep -i "$pattern" | while read t; do 

    which osc || sudo apt-get install osc time

#   $osc ls | sort | grep -i "^$pattern$" | while read project; do
    $osc ls | tee "$fproject.tmp" && mv "$fproject.tmp" "$fproject" 
    grep -i "$pattern" "${fproject}"  | tac | while read project; do 
	cd "${pwd}"
	cd "${pwd}/$project" || $osc co "$project"
	cd "${pwd}/$project" || return 1
	$osc up || $osc repairwc .
	$osc up || $osc ls . | tee "$fpackages.tmp" && mv "$fpackages.tmp" "$fpackages" 
	tac "${fpackages}" | while read package ; do
	    cd "${pwd}"
	    cd "${pwd}/${project}/${package}" \
		|| { cd "${pwd}" && $osc co "$project" "$package" ; }
	    cd "${pwd}/${project}/${package}" && time $osc up || $osc repairwc .
	$osc repairwc .

    $osc repairwc .

obs_ "$@"

# time bash -x ./ home:rzr:harmattan
# watch -n 5 du -sh ~/var/lib/obs-backup/tmp/uri/obs/

Setup ObS :



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