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N9 HistorY



Finally I consider switching from n950 to n9 which I did not used for long so on 2013-11-09 I have to upgrade it OtA (MeeGo update) to 40.2012.21-3 (aka PR1.3)

flasher -i 
flasher 3.12.1 (Oct  5 2011) Harmattan
WARNING: This tool is intended for professional use only. Using it may result
in permanently damaging your device or losing the warranty.

Suitable USB interface (bootloader/phonet) not found, waiting...
USB device found at bus 002, device address 008.
Device identifier: (null) (SN: N/A)
Error claiming USB interface: Operation not permitted
Found device RM-696, hardware revision 1507
NOLO version 2.0.49
Version of 'sw-release': DFL61_HARMATTAN_10.2011.34-1_PR_005


flasher -f -F $file 



Got the cyan NokiaN9

Under the Micro SiM : NokiA CorporatioN / Made In China / 059K117 / 16GB

lsusb # Bus 002 Device 005: ID 0421:0518 Nokia Mobile Phones 
Nokia N9 : MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan
Version: 10.2011.34-1_PR_005
WLAN MAC address:  10:F9:EE:F6:??:??
Bluetooth address: 40:98:4E:11:??:??
IMEI: 3579????????
CE 0434(!)

RM696-34-1_PR_005:~# # Linux= armv7l qt=4.7.4~git20110517-0maemo12+0m6

sysinfoclient -a | grep  ver
/device/sw-release-ver = DFL61_HARMATTAN_10.2011.34-1_PR_005
/device/content-ver = DFL61_HARMATTAN_10.2011.31-3.SEAP
/device/hw-version = 1507


Just announced the day I take off to malaysia , this is a coincidence I am not a product fanboy however I'll be at an open meego event setup by local opensource meego community In kuala lumpur malaysia

Also I could buy some items but I left before release date :(

  • 1800MYR ~ 350EUR for N9/16GB
  • 2088MYR ~ 400EUR for N9/64GB

FrancE :

Misc :

Update : retail date is oct 6 (said from nokia store at pavillon kualalumpur.my ), too bad i'll return to europe on oct3 … so no n9 for us yet

http://rzr.online.fr/q/nokia# lot of #n9 ads at #lowyat but no stocks #amigokl should wait couple of weeks more. I was so close to #n9kl ;(


@more: meego harmattan n9

<iframe width="560" height="345" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/epfdZuZ2hqs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>





FirmWare: 10.2011.18.3 / 10.2011.34.1 / 20.2011.40.4 / 22.2011.44.2 / 30.2012.7.1

pr1.0 : B2502A14_DFL61_HARMATTAN_10.2011.34-1_PR_LEGACY_005-OEM1-958_ARM.bin

RM696-34-1_PR_005:~# # Linux= armv7l qt=4.7.4~git20110517-0maemo12+0m6
* http://harmattan-dev.nokia.com/pool/harmattan/free/q/qt4-x11/qt4-x11_4.7.4~git20110517-0maemo12+0m6.dsc

pr1.1 :

pr1.2 :

pr1.3 : 40.2012.21-3.001.19 :


e13 020749" openmoko charger battery 12v to 5v * 1A

Is not compatible with nokia n9

you need to short data pin then it charges at 0.2A


MISC (non N9)


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