How to ReScan ReSet BuS ? ie AdB


USB : Universal Serial Bus


Bus 001 Device 002: ID 040a:057b Kodak Co. # [[EasyShare]]
Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0402:5621 ALi Corp. USB 2.0 Storage Device # [[Harddisk]]
Bus 002 Device 002: ID 05e3:0502 Genesys Logic, Inc. GL620USB GeneLink USB-USB Bridge

MP3 player

see SigmaTel FM MP3

Bus 002 Device 002: ID 066f:8000 SigmaTel, Inc. # [[MP3]] SupportPlus


sudo modprobe usbcore, modprobe usb-{u|e|o}hci,
sudo modprobe usb-storage

sudo lsmod | grep usb # @teuz VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82xxxxx UHCI USB 1.1
#| usb_storage            64064  3
#| scsi_mod              119936  2 sd_mod,usb_storage
#| usbnet                 25736  0
#| mii                     4736  1 usbnet
#| usbcore               107384  4 usb_storage,usbnet,uhci_hcd

[[AmiloA]] [[USB]] BUG

AmiloA's owner “Samuel V. (sversch2)” : I recently upgraded my Mandrake Official 10.0 to official 10.1, which led my 2.6.3 kernel to be replaced by a 2.6.8 one.

Before changing version, I had ACPI working, and my 3 USB ports too.

But with the Kernel, I have the following problem : one of the 3 ports works, but the 2 others don't (to be more precise, it's the one on the left that works, while the one at the center and the one on the right don't).

When I plug someting in one of the faulty usb ports, I got the following kernel message :

irq #9: nobody cared. Disabling irq.

I found that IRQ #9 was used for acpi, so I rebooted without ACPI, and it solved the usb problems. Problem is, I really need ACPI .

If someone is interested, I posted a bug report to mandrake.

They helped me to find that booting with “pci=noacpi” option solves the problem (as far as I've seen for now).

This option doesn't disable acpi, it means “do not use ACPI table to assign IRQ to PCI devices”.

Apparently, this bug is a BIOS bug (I still have bios version 1.05).

Here is the bug report :

IMPORTANT UPDATE : With a fixed DSDT, the bug is gone. It really is a BIOS bug.



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