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Basic Input OS



[[OpenSource]] / [[BIOS]]

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This is the home page for dmidecode, a tool for dumping a computer's DMI (some say SMBIOS) table contents in a human-readable format (see a sample output). This table contains a description of the system's hardware components, as well as other useful pieces of information such as serial numbers and BIOS revision.

BIOS [[ShortCuts]]

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  • Phoenix : Ctrl-Alt-Esc, or Ctrl-Alt-S, or Ctrl-Alt-Enter , F12
  • AMI : American Megatrends (AMI): Del key during Power-On Self-Test
  • Award : Del, or Ctrl-Alt-Esc
  • Mr. BIOS: Ctrl-Alt-S during Power-On Self-Test
  • DTK: Esc key during Power-On Self-Test
  • Acer notebooks: F2 key during Power-On Self-Test (POST)
  • Compaq : F10 key after the square appears in the top right corner during boot-up
  • Dell: Ctrl-Alt-Enter
  • HP Hewlett-Packard Pavilion: F1 key during HP blue splash screen
  • PackardBell : For some models, F1 or F2 key during Power-On Self-Test
  • IBM Aptiva 535: F1 while the square with the wavy lines is displayed in the upper right corner during power-on Does this also apply to other Aptiva models
  • IBM PS/2: Ctrl-Alt-Del, then Ctrl-Alt-Ins when the cursor is in the top right corner


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