MSI Motherboard : K7T266 Pro (MS-6380)


  Debian Woody 3r0.0 
  alsapackage 0.9b doesnt has support for 
  VIA 8233 chipset (only 82Cxxx)
  MSI K7T266Pro MS-6380 has a VIA8233 soundchip
  Via 686a audio driver 1.9.1
  ac97_codec: AC97 Audio codec, id: 0x4943:0x4511 (ICE1232)
  via82cxxx: board #1 at 0xD800, IRQ 10
  via_audio: ignoring drain playback error -512
  Makesure that user is run the audio group :
  usermod -g audio rzr
  and run alsamixer

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MSI Motherboard : VX P51430VX-250 Explorer (Quality Design Innovation)

  • bus type : 4 pci local bus slotsn 3 ISA bus slot
  • CPU :
  • * Pentium 75/90/100/120/133/150/166/180/200
  • * P55C(mmx) in specif
  • * AMD 5k86
  • * cyrix 6×86
  • * chipset: 82430VX
  • System mem: 4 75pin SIMM (8Mb-128)
  • support fast page and EDO DRam
  • Cache: max 256K on board
  • BIOS : award builtin NCR810 and adaptec 7850 Scsi driver
  • IO: 2 hi speed serial port 16550 fast uart compatible
  • par port (SPP/EPP/ECP support)
  • Floppy : port support 2 drives (360k , 720k, 1m44, 2m88)
  • support irDA infrared and 2 USB
  • size: 220mm * 250 mm
  • MEM : PC2100 @ 133 Mhz

2001 : teuz

  • MB: MSI K7T 266 Pro with the VIA VT8366
  • CPU : Athlon 1GHz (K7) MainBoard: MSI K7T266 Pro - @266Mhz
  • RAM : 256Mb @ pc2100 (133 MHz DDR SDRam double sided )
  • GPU: ATI Radeon / 64Mb SDRAM
  • Audio: Chip Audio on MB msi / VIA 8366 audio (MVP4 ?) AC'97
  • USB/USBnet
  • DVD
  • CDW: HP 9100b
  • Ethernet
  • HHD: 64 Gb

Monitor: 17" Siemens/Fujitsu

FUJITSU C787 17'' CRT :

17 pouces - Affichage max 1280×1024 à 75 Hz - Pitch 0.27 mm -

Fréquence verticale max 160 Hz - Plug and Play Vesa DDC1/2B

[[CdRom]] : Goldstar GCD 580B (x8)

The only way i found to do digital extraction w/ this drive is using cdparanoia on linux but it is very slow (around *0.4).

Is there other rippers avialables ?

My Cdrom is not working as i used to be … it is very hazardous : it read the data correctly until it stuck and then it can not access anything no daa no directory. I tried it on different cdrom and it is the same think. I bought this device in Dec 1996 . it was warented 3 years but the shop i bought it closed definitivly Can u tell me what are my chances to have this drive repaired or changed ?

Amiga : not validated disk

How to validate an amiga hard disk ? when the sys can't do it ?

Amiga: how to repair an External 3'5 drive

MP3 box

What is the minimum conf to play mp3 files ?

HD brute format

How to format a disfunctional HD ? (hum, i know the “buy a new one” solution)

how to low level format it ? partitioning can't be aplied using fdisk ?


1996 : Pentium

  • CPU: intel / Pentium 120MHz overclocked to 133Mhz
  • RAM: 48M
  • Gpu: S3 / Trio 1Mb
  • Sound: Creative labs / Vibra
  • Motherboard : VX P51430VX-250 Explorer


Winbond 89c940

FCCID= L4OW300 W24257AS35

Linux Status: Supported, Driver Name: ne, ne2k-pci (+8390)

This chip is one of the two commonly found on the low price PCI ne2000 cards sold by lots of manufacturers. Note that this is still a 10+ year old design just glued onto a PCI bus. Performance won't be staggeringly better than the equivalent ISA model.

It seams that I never transfered more than 1Mbytes/s (using rsync to my nas : RAID using Hub )




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