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[[Protocol]] ATDT commands

I have a modem question : where to put that AT command in my login script ATM0L0 (or ATM1L1 will control volume output)

# file:///etc/chatscripts/provider
'' ATZ
'' ATM
'' ATM1L1

ATM = init bip ?

man chat

Modem : ifconfig ppp0 mtu 576


# lspci
00:03.0 [[Modem]]: ALi Corporation Intel 537 [[M5457 AC-Link Modem]]
00:03.0 Modem: ALi Corporation M5457 AC'97 Modem Controller

[[Modem]] [[BeWAN]] ADSL [[USB]] ST (grey , not blue or green) see [[USB]]

[[Modem]] [[BeWAN]] ASDL [[Ethernet]] / [[Linux]] / TELE2

[[HP-Laptop]] ZE4420us

Hi. I have a HP ZE4420us Laptop which has very similar specs to your AmiloA and I have found your pages very useful.

I hope I can help on the modem front. Here's what worked for me.

Don't trust what lspci says

Check via Windows.

Windows says Conexant 56K AC-Link Modem. It's a HSF modem. Check scanmodem etc.

Many references to the conexant (aka linuxant) drivers working, but the free version is limited to 14.4K. Full version will cost you $15.

What I did:

  • The last free of charge drivers are at
  • Downloaded,
  • make install .
  • This created device /dev/ttySHSF0
  • Then run /usr/sbin/hsfconfig
  • This forced a recompile of the drivers and replaced the ones I already had.
  • (note need to edit /etc/wvdial.conf to set to above)

Excellent tips on using terminals with modems (note: need the above setup/init first)

cat /dev/ttySL0 in terminal 1 and
echo "AT" > /dev/ttySL0 in terminal 2

This worked very well.

Si le volume du modem est sur muet, aller modifier le fichier remplacer ATM0L0 par ATM1L1

[[ISA]] [[Modem]]

Unknown modem (ISA slot) but works as a standard one

Windows 95 : Modem Standard 19200bps / MDMGEN192 / 115200 Kbauds Port COM2 IRQ03@IO=0x2F8/0x2FF / UART16550A COM1: Irq04@03F8


Chips: Rockwell 93 - 3X france ISA51EE - C39R/U - C4000-13 - A77391.2 RCV144DPI - R6645-18 9526.A796660.3

IO/ 0x20E8-0x2F8-0x3E8-0x3F8

nokia DNT1M ( LS X21 V35)


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