Sun's (sparc CPU) support Linux or Solaris aka SunOS , (also called Slowlaris)

Wish I want some RaM ( Ultra10 : RaM to a maximum of 1024 MB in four DimM slots )

Install Linux Debian on Sun Ultra10

1/ Download Image :

2/ setup network : BootP and ArP (not DhcP)

On any Unix host to setup your RARP and BOOTP:

sudo apt-get install atftpd rarpd
# cd /srv/tftp/
# ln -fs boot.img  tftpboot.img
# ln -sf tftpboot.img C0A801DF.SUN4M #  ip address in hex (see later)
# ln -sf tftpboot.img C0A801DF
# cat /etc/ethers

Default SuN's IP is (C0A801DF) :

# echo | tr '.' '\n' | xargs -n 1  printf "ibase=10; obase=16; %s; \n" $1   | bc # C0A801DF
sudo /etc/init.d/network-manager stop ; sudo ifconfig eth0
sudo /etc/init.d/rarpd restart
# check
busybox tftp -g  localhost  -l /dev/null -r C0A801DF.SUN4M
busybox tftp -g  -l /dev/null -r C0A801DF

3/ Boot sun (w/ connected MonitoR , been said VgA is usable if you unplug GpU card )

press Stop+a
boot net video=atyfb:off" # (else it will hang on console setup ...)

You'll see the image dl for a few minutes …

[[Linux]] Sun (Obselete)

Get the network boot image. The March 2005 release is here:

Later model Sun machines with openboot 4.x firmware or higher support DHCP and is preferred to RARP+BOOTP. DHCP can replace RARP and BOOTP. For old model sun machine (eg. Sparcstation 4) RARP and BOOTP are both needed. Current Linux distributions now have rarpd support as an add-on package.

On sun prompt (openboot 4.x Firmware):

boot net : IP_SERVER
(IP_SERVER is the IP address of host machine having boot image)

On sun prompt (pre openboot 4.x):

boot net

MisC :


  • BIOS : STOP-a (press STOP key and “a” key together)
  • boot on CDRom : boot cdrom


Sun [[Monitor]]




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