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NEVER use the “start/search” function in Windows xp, which silently connects on port 80 to sa.windows.com ( in order to deliver to the ugly microsoft's minions your IP and what you are searching for on your own HardDisk. Start/search - in Windows XP - is MALWARE eo ipso.

Well actually this may be related to some version of windows, because I did not see that, using a DOS console :

netstat -an & netstat -an & netstat -an & netstat -an & netstat -an

Can you give more evidence ?

Workaround is to alias put MS Ip to loopback :

# file:///etc/hosts
# file://%WINDIR%/system32/drivers/etc/hosts       localhost  localhost # http://rzr.online.fr/q/Spy

Alternative ClosedSource software is locate : http://www.uku.fi/~jmhuttun/english/softwares.shtml




@TaG: Security Windows ClosedSource Networks Trust Search ParanoiA PrivacY

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