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“you invent something, then someone else comes along and makes it pretty” – Pablo Picasso







Take back the Web until we work as Zombies slaves …

The web is becoming so impossible to surf without some overgreed corps who try to pull out all your mind to do bizness with.

For instance :

Rupert Murdoch and his Fox News corporate buddies just bought MySpace. Here's the story. According to the licence agreement, everything we post on MySpace becomes the property of

How to resist then ?

Why not create “pure” part of the web with Ethic basis , based on Democratic choices of your Community … forking the web is just pointless (easy to do with a parallel DNS service).

But creating a brand new search engine, that will only index “acceptable” websites ? This sound good, but awful at the same time … because this implies censorship … which does suck even more than junk.

Then why not just add Ethics tags to webpages, but once again who will control tags ?

Everyone should, then a client could select the endorsement of his Trusted Communities and hide all the unwanted crap.

So We Must set up à Decent index service of currents URL , just go a little further where delicious stopped, and do to the Web what Debian did for LibreSoftware.


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