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I've always found dark screen more comfortable to eyes, don't you ?

See screenshot at bottom

The war against photons has started, soon or later darkness will win that's sure – RzR


On April 2008, in some Ubuntu IRC channels, I was wondering about “Dark themes”

It seems that many applications do not support dark themes properly, because:

  • many colors are hardcoded and not using GTK/QT/… stylesheets (ie: grey on black, light grey on white, marine on black etc)
  • transparent images on inverse video

See Examples in the BUG section


If you think it's a good idea to start focusing on this issue, please help by posting at this place :

Then I'll update this page :

Expected contributions are

  • report applications name (plus desktop+theme) (screenshots are welcome too)
  • report bug upstream (or on your fave distro if lazy) and tell us URL
  • seek for hardcoded colors , provide patches
  • write recommendation, tutorial, code practice etc
  • anything else ?

Then If you think starting a “darkteam” is also a good idea, please tell me :


fixed bugs


WIP Ideas etc



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