Here are collected info to get a a full GnuLinux Distro on my SmartPhone HandSet : Nokia N9 / N950

For this time I picked UbuntU in the goal to test unity-2d (QmL) and KdE's plasma-mobile feel free to adapt it for DebiaN (weezy-hardfp) I tested it also work…

Watch Video Demo at :

Let me share a minimal RootFs for HarmattaN and explain how to use it …

  • installed to your target device
  • or remotely use it on a NfS server
  • start ubuntu desktop
  • run java : j2se's applet or j2me's midlet

Then on demand I plan to investigate those tracks in TODO chapter

FeedBack Welcome :

@TaG: Omap3 SmartPhone HandSet UbuntU

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Usage :

On host :

sudo apt-get install aria2 time nfs-kernel-server
time aria2c "$url" #@host

On target device :

If using device's Internal (limited) memory this need to be copied from HosT (or use NfS as detailed later) :

cat  *.tar.bz2 | ssh -C root@tel 'mkdir -p /home/ && cd /home && tar xfvj -'  # (1)

If you cannot log as root on device no problem copy it 1st

# scp "$file" user@tel:/home/user/MyDocs/ # (2)
ssh user@tel 
devel-su # now you're root
cd /home # or cd /local  #@tel
file="$rootfs.tar.bz2" # (3)
tar cvfj "/home/user/MyDocs/$file" # if not copied on (1) do (2) and (3)

You're mostly done it

cd "${rootfs}" #@tel
cat README.txt #@tel
dpkg -i ./local/sudo*.deb #ToDo install 

Login :

# ssh user@tel # if not logged on device
sudo ./usr/local/bin/  . #@tel
bash #@tel
# groups: cannot find name for group ID 670 # ToDo
apt-get update
apt-get install tmux
tmux # Hit Ctrl+B 
apt-get install nfs-common # etc

Setup env :

u=user ; i=29999
sudo addgroup --gid $i $u ; adduser --uid $i --gid $i $u
addgroup  user pulse-access 
addgroup  user adm 
addgroup  user dialout 
# uid=29999(user) gid=29999(users) groups=4(adm),20(dialout),670(pulse-access),29999(users)

If using NfS from target device to HosT (else skip this part) :

ssh -CYt user@tel
dpkg -i ./local/sudo*.deb #ToDo install 
mkdir -p $m
$sudo mount -o nolock $m
cd "$m"
cd "$rootfs"


Install / Use X11 :

apt-get update
apt-cache search xephyr
apt-get install tmux git zile mc xterm xinit xserver-xephyr
/usr/local/bin/xephwm xterm

Install / Use Ubuntu unity :

Use a Desktop Environment ,

apt-get install unity-2d
su -l $user /usr/local/bin/xephwm startlxde

JavA AppleT PlugIn :

apt-get install sudo icedtea-plugin

VnC :

apt-get install x11vnc

lxde is working fine but not best on touch screen

apt-get install lxde
/usr/local/bin/xephwm startlxde

EfL / e17 is also working and finger friendly

etc etc etc


Need To work on

  • TODO [#A] keyboard integration
  • TODO [#A] opengles
  • TODO [#B] tizen
  • TODO [#B] qt5
  • TODO [#C] boot rebuild kernel
  • TODO [#C] plasma-active
  • TODO [#C] gnome3
  • TODO [#C] hildon
  • TODO [#C] explain same the process from NITdroid

Now What's next ? will document this later

  • install LxDe
  • interact with HarmattaN
  • support plasma-active …
xephwm startlxde # Ok
xephwm enlightenment_start # Ok
xephwm gnome-shell
apt-get install plasma-mobile
xephwm startactive # KdE : kO
xephwm startkde 
xephwm xterm
apt-get install unity-2d
xephwm gnome-session --session=ubuntu-2d


Shrink :

apt-get install localpurge
apt-get clean
find /var/cache/apt/ -type f -exec rm -v '{}' \;
sudo ln -fs ../run ./var/run
export CHROOT=.
mkdir -p run/dbus
sudo mount --bind /var/run/dbus ./run/dbus
sudo mount -o bind /var/run/pulse "$CHROOT/var/run/pulse"
# groups: cannot find name for group ID 670
cat /etc/group >> /home/rzr-rootfs/etc/group



@TaG: UbuntU ChRoot DebIan AndroiD html5 ToucH DebootStrap

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