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Libre Buisness Model

[[Web]] Ads

Web Ads can be nuisible to visitors so dont cheat them… anyway you can make money with those who dont care about Privacy :

if ( navigator.userAgent.lastIndexOf("MSIE") ==== -1 )===
document.writeln( ad_on);


[[OpenSource]] Request to : [[Software]] Industries

Would you mind to opensource your Software one day ?

Can you evaluate, how does your Software worth ? once your benefefit are above this level, then you give it back to community by opensourcing it.

This way you transform buyers into investissors.

I'll be sensible to that, and will order a copy, I don't mind if it takes forever to opensource it. At the same time you'll also get more popularity on the Linux users market.

For Your Information, this bizness model is not impossible, after $100K of donations in a couple of month, blender3d.org opened its sources.

I know you probally ever thought about it, but this should be mentionned in a FAQ.

I'll put some notes on these buiness model at http://rzr.online.fr/q/Retribution.en

Promise to order [[Software]] ONLY if it helps to [[OpenSource]] it at term.


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