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This page is about installing karmic on some computer connected to the inet w/ a 56K modem…

 sudo qemu /dev/sdb -cdrom mino.iso
sudo apt-get install  nfs-common 
sudo aptitude install module-assistant fakeroot ppp # ...

du -hs /home/local/cache/protocol/http/*

6,7G    /home/local/cache/protocol/http/
65M     /home/local/cache/protocol/http/
6,1G    /home/local/cache/protocol/http/

nm / ppp



"*** WARNING: ucf was run from a maintainer script that uses debconf, 
but the script did not pass --debconf-ok to ucf.
The maintainer script should be fixed to not stop debconf before calling ucf, and pass it this parameter.
For now, ucf will revert to using old-style, non-debconf prompting. Ugh!"

@related: office doc font

dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config # fontconfig


 kdeinit4: kfmclient [kdeinit] openURL


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