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Opensource : Code breakers

BCC Documentary on OpenSource and Copyleft :

Following its ten transmissions on BBC World The Codebreakers is now available under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.

To view a copy of this license, visit : http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5

  • English and French Subtitles
  • Task Transcribe : 0-20 mins : RzR
WIP English

banckok tailand

In tailand you'll get ? supply of the latest computer software nearly all of it pirated

halfware accross the world in brazil different market place same story street vendors dvd

software piracy so common that the vendors police petrol as soon as the corner stores again

suply makes demands in country workers legaly affort basic software

the world summit tunisia global meeting exchanging ideas and trying to change the world

one this in common affordable also want to make affordable for the digitaly deprived but legaly

technologic 100$ laptop used on this parts on the world “we choose free and open software because it is better” and because it means that the children can actually participate better community developped software as well as content

free and open source software or FLOSS turbulance commercial software world why such as thunderbird openoffice used by everyone apple or microsoft seels threat remind customer have choice when you remind it remind listen to customers invest needs of customers

innovation such 100$ laptop working on free licenced online in the code breakers we find out bridge digital deprived

fix opensouce software less expensive reason same product cost less

estimated 100K opensource computer users firefox browser devolopped by netscape 20% share of the european 40% share of the us marcket

apache opensource webserver giants including google and amazon

so is a revolution on the way

digital poor and rich close

Only midle age academics remember software source code was freely around not for the program it self bizness world restricting access

RMS wizkids the free software movement “what can I do , I had no political gouvernement policies write software develop an other OS and toguether respect your freedom licence what he describe the 4 freedom freedom 0 : to run the program as you wish freedom 1 : as you wish freedom 2 help your neighboor and freedom 3 to help your community modified version when you wish

when you have is free software the next developpement finish programmer linus torwald kernel and call it linux both on a mobile phone as on a super computer can be downloaded whithout according linuxcounter a pro opensource website not sold there is no sales figures data no i never heard about floss software haha no i never floss i do have idea opensource software on my computer

FLOSS by name but indirecly anyone who send an email webserver mail ftp free as in freedom misleaded signifiant 1998 funded eric r bruce perens …


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