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I am looking for a Software that add efficient redundancy to perform reliable backup files (those are also compressed) the idea :

  • 1 Gb of data
  • 500 Mb of compressed file
  • 650 Mb of protected compressed files (fit on one CD)

If there is not tool like that i will provide a script shell

apropos redundancy
ras /  redundant archive system : Adds redundancy files to archives for data recovery.
mkisofs -R -J ./ | cdrecord -
mkisofs -J  -D -joliet-long  -force -o /tmp/backup.iso $HOME

tar cvz - $HOME | cdbackup -d /dev/scd0 -r 2,0 -a "$HOME backup"
cdrestore -d /dev/scd0 -t 1 | tar -xv
rsync -az -e ssh --delete --exclude='*/*tmp*/*' $HOME server:$DESTDIR




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