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  • CPU : SH4 : Hitachi SH7750 CPU running at 200 MHz, with 16MB of memory.

Iam looking for a DC iso full of utils such as mmedia player (divx etc) and why not a linux shell can u suggest me some urls ?




On Dreamcast, you need gyplay, to make a dc vcd, or just get the vcd boot disc, mostly they have to be in vcd format, if its divx, use tmpgenc to converty to suitable mpeg, then sue nero, nti cd maker pro, prassi primo cd, or ez cd creator to amke a vcd, just follow the instructions int he read me file of gyplay, i think u can find it @ http://www.dccopyworld.com

http://LinuxDC.sf.net (Linux on Dreamcast) Project aims to fully support the Linux kernel and operating system on the Sega Dreamcast game console.

We hope to provide tools, binaries, documentation, and application software that enable users of LinuxDC to utilize their Dreamcast in ways previously thought not possible.

DCDivX Player

A FREE Open Source Multimedia Player Designed for the Sega Dreamcast



The DCDivX Player has it's core from the ProjectMayo project called the “Pocket DivX Player”. Marc, our 'core' guru Pedro and the rest of the team have worked hard since the beginning on this incredible open source media player for the PocketPC platform.





ADSL software router with firewalling and virtual private networking on embedded devices with Linux on the example of a SEGA Dreamcast gaming console.

Christian Berger http://www-public.tu-bs.de:8080/~y0018536/dc/online/index.html


http://www.poptix.net/CDI-HOWTO.txt http://dreamlover.tecbox.com/# http://cdirip.cjb.net/


KallistiOS: Dreamcast™ Scene

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