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Bus 002 Device 008: ID 04e6:5410 SCM Microsystems, Inc. SCR35xx Smart Card Reader
sudo apt-get install opensc libccid pcscd
# rzr@lap:~/ # [0] # opensc-tool --list-readers
# Detected readers (pcsc)
Nr.  Card  Features  Name
0    Yes             SCM Microsystems Inc. SCR 355 [CCID Interface] 00 00

opensc-tool --reader 0 --name
Unsupported card

gpg> keytocard
Really move the primary key? (y/N) y
Signature key ....: [none]
Encryption key....: [none]
Authentication key: [none]

You may only store a 1024 bit RSA key on the card


gpg: signing failed: No pinentry
sudo apt-get install pinentry-curses


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