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<RzR> hi
<RzR> any wiki editor around ?
<RzR> because some jolla pple are starting to use the wiki
<RzR> and I think it would be good to see how to do this the right way
<wmat> RzR: yes, that's me
<wmat> RzR: there is no "right" way exactly
<RzR> good
<RzR> I had in mind to present something about joined effort on linux mobile
<RzR> and avoiding to have splited communities
<wmat> that would be great
<RzR> so I thought elinux wiki could be used as a starting point
<RzR> and since jolla pple were looking for a community based wiki
<RzR> i suggested elinux
<wmat> excellent
<wmat> we host lots of other communities within elinux
<RzR> but i fear some of them dont really know how to keep the wiki structured
<wmat> like RPi, Beagleboard, UDOO, etc.
<RzR> yes the model i had in mind is the RPI one
<RzR> you did a great job
<RzR> so dont blame me if they create random pages everywhere
<RzR> if you have some suggestions on how to use elinux wiki 
<RzR> i will pass the word
<wmat> that's no problem. Encourage categorization though. It helps to organize.
<RzR> i suggested to stay on a single page for now
<RzR> ok
<RzR> good
<RzR> let me paste this to #jollamobile ok ?
<wmat> sure
<RzR> great
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