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  • email at mailto:rzr(a)gna.org

(my other emails addresses have lower priority since there is too much spam)

 | Philippe COVAL aka RzR (2012) 
 | http://rzr.free.fr/#vcard.vcf         
 | mailto:rzr@gna.org  (txt plz) 
 | xmpp:rzr@jabber.org (otr plz) 
 | gpg:0x467094BC                
 | sip:022321????@freephonie.net 
 | tag:debian,maemo,meego,qt,c++ 

Find me online

When I'll connect to the internet, you should be able to talk with me using :

So you can keep a browser open to those places and wait for me

Also VOIP could be an option and it will be Gratis when calling from Computer to Computer using thoses services :

# sip:...(a)freephonie.net
# sip:rzr_online_fr(a)voip.wengo.fr
# sip:17473585016(a)proxy01.sipphone.com / mailto:rzr_online_fr(a)gizmo5.com
# sip:rzr(a)ekiga.net
# gizmo:rzr_online_fr(a)chat.gizmoproject.com 
# callto:www.rzr.online.fr # http://skype.com


<V> ZrZ, are you RzR?
<ZrZ> V: sort of,  ZrZ is to rzr what mr hyde is to doctor jeckyl 


http://rzr.online.fr/q/contact# #PaniC my rzr(a)#gna.org #EMaiL is down for days, please rzr(a)free.fr, looking for #SmtP #fwd #FreE service


Let me inform that my regular email is down 2012-04-25/2012-04-30 so if you have replied to me after this date , your email is potentially lost,

I would appreciate if you can forward a copy or rzr(a)users.sf.net (or rzr(a)free.fr)

If you trust the “gpg web of trust” both are mine :


http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=rzr@gna.org = http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=rzr@users.sf.net

ExiM :

host mail.gna.org[] said: 421 Unexpected failure,
please try later (in reply to end of DATA command)



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