# cdrdao disk-info --device /dev/hdb
Cdrdao version 1.2.2 - (C) Andreas Mueller <andreas@daneb.de>
  SCSI interface library - (C) Joerg Schilling
  Paranoia DAE library - (C) Monty

Check http://cdrdao.sourceforge.net/drives.html#dt for current driver tables.

Using libscg version 'ubuntu-0.8ubuntu1'

/dev/hdb: HP CD-Writer+ 9100b   Rev: 1.07
Using driver: Generic SCSI-3/MMC - Version 2.0 (options 0x0010)

That data below may not reflect the real status of the inserted medium
if a simulation run was performed before. Reload the medium in this case.

CD-RW                : no
Total Capacity       : n/a
CD-R medium          : Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
                       Long Strategy Type, e.g. Cyanine
Recording Speed      : n/a
CD-R empty           : no
Toc Type             : CD-DA or CD-ROM
Sessions             : 1
Last Track           : 1
Appendable           : no

@TaG: CDRom CDP CDW OpticalDiskDrive Optical VCD


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