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Movie: Strange Days Artist: Strange Fruit Song: No White Clouds

Green grass grows on the ground as I expound above the sound, look around, now sit down and listen Dark brown shades drown in the raise of rock, close your eyes and still see the yellow sun Feel the earth beneath your feet reaching to meet the sea, the sky, and I fly higher Above the ground, beneath the sound that's going round and round and round and colors flowing down

No white clouds in my blue sky

Gold leaves whisper their dreams to me, I feel the breeze on my face and I see no trace of confusion Clarity speaks over the age of race, dark colors bring light and erase the view of illusion Visions of hope they haunt my psyche, tease me, tie me up in a world of white lies They say freedom is the answer to a question you don't have to ask and then my hope dies

No white clouds in my blue sky

They have a space that human race creates, relate to color of greed, but we all bleed the same color Life flows, bringing the essence of hope and rebirth to the permanent other New days fade into gray and decay and then go away Leaving us searching for the perfect solution and orange is the color of my revolution

No white clouds in my blue sky


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