ToDo : HoW to RepaiR a AudioVideo AmP KenWood KRF-V4550D , the power supply looks fine , the front led is working, the 2 fuses are ok , but nothing happend once pressed on the standbye microswitch ? the relay used to sound , it does not anymore ?

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Resetting the Microcomputer

If the microcomputer may malfunction (unit cannot be operated,

or shows an erroneous display) if the power cord is unplugged

while the power is ON, or due to some other external factor. If this

happens, execute the following procedure to reset the microcomputer and return the unit to its normal operating condition.

• Please note that resetting the microcomputer will clear the contents

of the memory and returns the unit to the state it was in when it left

the factory.

For U.S.A. and Canada

Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet, then plug it

back in while holding down the POWER key.

For other countries

With the power cord plugged in, turn the POWER key

OFF. Then, while holding down the ON/STANDBY key,

press POWER.





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