@TaG: RaM AmiloA DdR

* WisH : 512MB Module


Shopping : http://www.ldlc.com/cat/210.html

I got more than 100 memtest err with this RAM module http://www.pny-europe.com/ 256 Mb PC2100 266 MHz SODIMM DDR (200pins) 6432WKDYA8G09 ( 400193 )

PNY Refs : SODI10256N/2100-BX , barcode=3.536401.460046

(8x chips BRAVO ADP 328TM-75 )

bought on 30 oct 2004 @ 80 EUR http:///rzr.online.fr/jump/fnac.com.htm

AmiloA cy26

You can replace the internal RAM module, unscrew behind the screen , remove the pannel, unscrew the keyboard, remove it the Memory holder is just behind…


[[AmiloA]] MEMORY :

I plan to buy to my AmiloA some extra RAM (i have 256 Mb along K7 1400+)

  • how to change RAM size allocated to radeon Igp ?
  • how to know RAM speed (in Mhz) ? maybe unscrew the box ?
  • What, How much, Where to purchase RAM for AmiloA (is this the same modules for whole A Serie?)

AmiloA user book reported : that it is shipped with 128, 256, 512 and can be added 128,256,512 “PC 266 DDR SO DIMM, JEDEC 144 pin”

ACPI reported that FSB (Front Side Bus) is only 133 Mhz so I gess and 133+ Mhz Ram will fit does it ?

So does DDR (Double Data Rate) shall be 2*133 Mhz ?

What does RAM PC2100 mean ? does that mean 2100 Mbytes/s and 266 Mhz, Double Data Rate = 2*32 bits or 2*FSB Mhz ?

I am so confused, please explain


Memory max: 02092085 FSP:260N00019 512MB SO-DIMM DDR-RAM SAMSUNG

<RzR> I added some 256MB “266MHz soDIMM 200pin” from PNY and now i have 470MB of available free memory </RzR>


(256MB DDR soDIMM 200pin PC 266) ram but i have found the following somewhere on this website:

  • 1st slot 0 - 512 MB factory fitted, not user accessible.
  • 2nd slot user fit , 128, 256 or 512MB SDRAM
  • so can i only get 1 ramchip with 512mb and have to keep the one in the 1st slot or is there any chance to get in both slots 512mb of ram??



  • i have an A7600 and had 2x 256 MB before
  • then upgraded to 512+256 which was really unstable,
  • so i tried to upgrade to 2x 512 which _always_ produced 1000s of erros in memtestx86 (iirc test 5 - copying blocks or something)
  • right now i use only 1x 512MB
  • it's possible to exchange both: the ram below the keyboard and the ram on the bottom side.


Tests :

Main memory sequential read millions/sec = 95.3251
Main memory sequential write millions/sec = 51.4008



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