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ubuntu i386 hangs on “starting netbios”

I am also affected by this issue

trying to fix it from a chroot env


Setup : Client

sudo apt-get install smbfs smbclient
mkdir ~/mnt/smb && sudo smbmount  \\\\localhost\\pub ${HOME}/mnt/smb
mnt=${HOME}/mnt/tmp  ; mkdir -p "${mnt}" && smbmount  \\\\localhost\\pub ${mnt}
sudo smbpasswd -a ${USER}
mnt=${HOME}/mnt/smb/localhost/$USER  ; mkdir -p "${mnt}" &&  sudo smbmount //localhost/$USER ${mnt}
mount.cifs: permission denied: no match for /home/rzr/mnt/smb/localhost/rzr found in /etc/fstab

Setup : Server

sudo apt-get install smbclient
sudo aptitude  reinstall  samba #
sudo smbtree -h
mkdir -p "${HOME}/mnt/public"
smbmount  "\\\\${HOSTNAME}\\public" "${HOME}/mnt/public"
sudo systemctl  stop smbd  
sudo eject
sudo eject -t
sudo mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/dev/cdrom
strings  /mnt/dev/cdrom/VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO
# sudo dvdfs  -o device=/dev/sr0  /mnt/dvd
sudo zile /etc/samba/smb.conf
;# sudo dvdfs  -o device=/dev/sr0  /mnt/fuse
;#preexec = sudo /usr/local/bin/
;#postexec = sudo /usr/local/bin/
comment = CDR
path = /mnt/dev/cdrom
public = yes
writable = no
printable = no

path = /tmp/public
public = yes
writable = no
printable = no
sudo systemctl restart smbd  
sudo systemctl status smbd  
mkdir -p "$HOME/mnt/cifs"
sudo mount -t cifs \\\\$HOSTNAME\\cdrom "$HOME/mnt/cifs"
strings "$HOME/mnt/cifs/"


WARNING: no network interfaces found

Error : Text file busy

rm: cannot remove `FILE:' Text file busy

Error DFS ?

smbmount -o username=user%pass //localhost/local /mnt/smb
# Mounting the DFS root for domain not implemented yet
# No ip address specified and hostname not found


smbmount //localhost/local /mnt/smb -o username=$user%$pass 

Error: SystemD

"Failed to preset unit: Unit file /etc/systemd/system/samba-ad-dc.service is masked."

SMB / Net Bios / SAMBA / Server Message Block

Reference :

### Samba for [[Linux]]
sudo apt-get install samba smbclient # gnosamba
sudo dpkg-reconfigure samba
sudo zile /etc/samba/smb.conf
comment = Public Stuff
path = /home/public
public = yes
writable = yes
printable = no
write list = @staff
comment = Home Directories
browseable = no
read only = no # yes
create mask = 0700
directory mask = 0700
# /etc/samba/passdb.tdb
# zile /etc/samba/smbpasswd
smbpasswd username
/etc/init.d/samba restart
username Logs to w98 and browse linux host, and can create his dirs
# or on linux :
mkdir -p ${HOME}/mnt/${USER}
smbmount  \\\\${REMOTE}\\${USER} ${HOME}/mnt/${USER}

on W2000 :

mount -t smbfs -o username=administrateur,password='adminpass' //teuz/e$ /mnt/smb/teuz/home

With a FireWall

  • A input -i eth0 -p tcp -m tcp –dport <leport samba> -j ACCEPT

Printing to a Windows (samba) Share from Debian:

Perhaps someone might find this useful…

To connect to a share printer via samba, one needs to ensure that the following packages plus any required dependencies are installed. (Under debian use apt-get to install them)

cupsys cupsys-client cupsys-bsd

One might need other 'Common Unix Priniting System' (CUPS) related libraries as well , not sure.

Via your web browser, connect to local host port: 631, ie http://localhost:631/admin

From there one can add printers using the cups web frontend.

Click on “Add a printer”

Choose the device, in this case “windows printer via samba”

Choose the device URL: in my case I had to type in my windows NT_domain plus user and password:


Now choose the 'make' of your printer (in my case 'HP') and choose the model from the given list.

If all went well, a successfully installed message should be displayed.

Click on the 'Print Test Page', to confirm the that the printer is working.

[[FireWall]] on [[Windows]] share

      \\BENJ                          madneom
cli_full_connection: failed to connect to BENJ<20> (


"mkdir: cannot create directory" "Permission denied" lspro duo
 [ 6463.205484] CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -22

Mappeur de point final ??


sudo apt-get install swat # http://localhost:901


@TaG: ProtocoL

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@TaG: FileSystem Network NFS CIFS Samba RaiD MounT

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