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Zipabox, la première box domotique évolutive ! Zwave, EnOcean*, Zigbee*, KNX*, RF433Mhz (Chacon DI-O, COCO, Oregon, Vision 433, etc.)*, n'hésitez plus prenez le meilleur de chaque technologie !



It contains this relay : HRM2H-S-DC24V-C to control 220v

The electronic is 3 wires I suspect : + - and relay control …

On the LCD side there is a 4 pin header

1 ~ GND?
2 : unused
3 : vcc : 1.8V
4 : signal : 1.8V relay is off  , if reset is pressed then 220v is switched on

So I plan just to extract the reset switch and control it using a GpIo


             relay   =
[ S - + ]            = 220v

HacK it with a TransistoR




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