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sed -n '/^foo/,/^bar/p' /etc/passwd | sed -r '/^(foo|bar)/d' # Print the range of lines between foo and bar w/o foo and bar.
sed -e "s/rzr/RzR/g" < filein.txt >| fileout.txt
sed -e "s/rzr/RzR/g" -i fileinout.txt
echo "    trim   space    " | sed -e "s/^[[ ]]*//g" | sed -e "s/[[ ]]*$//g"
locate -i -r '\.o$'

Using variables :

echo $PATH | sed -e "s|$USER|root|g"

didiwiki put EOF at botom see as “^@” on Emacs, workaround :

sed -e "s|\x0||g" -i *

zero or more:


one or more :

u= && wget "$u" &&  u= && wget "$u" && bash sedtris.sed



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