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http://rzr.online.fr/q/oem# #LenovO ChinA sells OeM !MeeGo !GnU !LinuX #LapTop G470 but mine was w/ “CrimoSoft Win7 Shut up and PaY” edition



As a LenovO g470 owner I just discovered that the LapTop LenovO G470 ( Celeron Version ) aka (G470G-BE) is shipped with OeM MeeGo in ChinA :

Operating system : "Genuine Meego Linux Simplified Chinese"

I wish I could have bought that one instead the “forced OEM ms windows7 Shut up and buy edition” I don't need …

I am curious to know what was changed to upstream meego images and how to get the full install ? dl cd dvd ?

Also any meego developer or user fell free to join this thread and say hi

Misc :

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