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Free Simple 3D toolbox for conversions etc (C) used in previous 3D projects

Subject: mini3d (as opposite of 3ds max)
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mini3d is a set of basic tools for exporting/importing 3d mesh
This lib provide read/write 3d mesh in 3ds ascii format (.asc)
Also packaged sample utilities (basic viewers)
Other formats aim to be supported in the future.
Is is writen in C (no dependencies to other lib)
and can be compiled standalone as a library (libmini3d.a/.so)
or included inline. | C++, etc bindings are possible
It output XML stream and can be used with XSL to make your format

Use it

Currently it is used in other GPL software :
If you include in your own project,
I suggest you to copy and include files (like XFree did):

Download Source and compiled

cvs co mini3d
export CVSROOT
cvs checkout ${PROJECT}

Compiled for Linux Debian :

apt-get install mini3d

More info on CVS and Programming notes



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