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lsusb : 04b4:8613 # 17cc:1969

Rig Kontrol 2 Driver/Niboot.inf:%S_Device1%=NiBoot,USB\VID_04B4&PID_8613
Rig Kontrol 2 Driver/ni_usb.inf:%S_DeviceDesc%=_Install, usb\vid_17cc&pid_1969


Does that NI Guitar Rig's device work on GNU/Linux ?



The AXON AIX 101 pickup

Line6 Guitar Port ( [[USB]]1.1 ) : http://www.line6.com/guitarport/

$ grep usb  ./Line6/Tools/Driver Archive/GuitarPort/
%GPWADrv_DDI.DeviceDesc%=GPWADrv_DDI, USB\VID_0E41&PID_4750
# [[USB]] [[ID]] # 0e41:4750# http://driveragent.com/archive/9472/0-15
# ID 0e41:4750 Line6, Inc. GuitarPort   # [[lsusb]]

I dont think it is supported on GNU/Linux so far please send me the output of :

lsusb ; modprobe -v snd-usb-audio ; dmesg | tail


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