EPSON LQ 570+ / [[ToDo]]

Black & White dot matrix printer, max. 300×300 dpi, works Perfectly




From control pqnnel / add printer / network/ URL :



use “EPSON LQ-300+ /II ESC/P 2” driver as fallback :(

Is Windows7 still supporting it ?


sudo aptitude install epson-escpr apsfilter foomatic-db libsane magicfilter netpbm  printer-driver-escpr texlive-base  texlive-latex-extra 


On My Printer EPSON LQ-570+ ESC/P2 (24pins 360dpi max=300×30 dpi)

  • cups : I selected Epson/24 pins Series & 360×160 dpi

lpadmin -p default -L default -D default -E -v parallel:/dev/lp0 -m epson24.ppd
  • cups : Imagablea area :
  • * Page Size : 7.77×12.2in = 197.3*284.5 mm
  • * Lower left : 0.25*0.24 in = 6.4*6.2 mm
  • * Upper right : 8.02*11.44 in = 203.6*190,7 mm
  • * Resolution : 120*60 dpi = 4712*2356 dpm

All this dont work as wanted on Linux or Windows

Switches ( off=down | on=up )
SW1=(1,2,3,4),(5),(6),(7),(8),(9) SW2=(1,2),(3),(4)
. Country/PC : SW1-1 1-2 1-3 1-4
. Graphics print : SW1-5 (bi-d. / Uni-d.)
. Protocol Mode : SW1-6 :  ESC/P2 = 0  IBM emu =1
. Recive Buffre SW1-7
. 1 inch Skip SW1-8
. Page length :  SW2-1 / SW2-2 :
11 inch : 0 / 0
12 :  1 / 0
8.5 : 0 / 1
70/6 :  1 / 1
. Auto Tear off SW2-3
. Auto LF : SW2-4

Can't print in FULL A4 format with 24pin

I don't understand why I cannot print any full A4 page

It get out of paper to print just the page footer.. so that's terribly annoying

I tried this with Cups or lpr+gv plus changing switches did not help


With BSD lpr, which print better text files (had troubles w/ accents etc)

apt-get install lpr # will remove cups
#rzr@teuz:rzr$ cat /etc/printcap
# EPSON LQ-570plus
lp|Generic dot-matrix printer entry:\
# /etc/init.d/lpd restart
# lp # lpq # lprm
# How to make a matrix  printer print graphics and or postscript files ?
# Mine is an old EPSON LQ-570+ ESC/P2 (24pins)

# How do u use the paper loader because sheets are always stuck in the tray
# tryed this ..and it works :
# 3/ Setting up deamons & filters
apt-get install lpr magicfilter
# magicfilterconfig
#rzr@teuz:rzr$ cat /etc/printcap
# EPSON LQ-570plus
lp|Generic dot-matrix printer entry:\
# But Check that the CONDENSED button is off when printing graphics (ps etc)
# Thants worked fine for me
How to set page length to A4 in my printer config file (/etc/printcap py=?) ?
for postscript print ? (Mozilla)
If you driver isnt supported in gs --help

maybe it can be workarounded with using wine and its windows driver

apt-get install foomatic-bin gnulpr cups xpdq

I tried this with Cups or lpr+gv plus changing switches did not help

EPSON Stylus S21

Bus 001 Device 003: ID 04b8:0005 Seiko Epson Corp. Printer
model : B391E
s/N: * LBTP040574*

seulement 2 boutons: - * N°: 1, M/A avec LED verte- ( N°: 2, Feed papier/changement cartouche avec LED orange

Actuellement les 2 LED clignotent l'une après l'autre

Si on appui sur le N° 2 il ne se passe rien

Si on appui sue le N° 1 on coupe l'alim si on appui de nouveau ça se remet à clignoter rien de plus, que l'imprimante soit connectée au port USB ou non c'est la même chose

Sur les forum, on parle beaucoup de remettre à zero le compteur page ou encre, mais je n'ai pas pu trouver comment faire pour cette imprimante, et de plus ce n'est peut être pas le PB

LANG=C sudo ttink  -i -d /dev/usb/lp0 
No access to device file or no attached printer.

LANG=C sudo ttink  -r -d /dev/usb/lp0 
No access to device file or no attached printer.

sudo /usr/bin/escputil -d -r /dev/usb/lp0



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