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Oldskewl 3D Engine Demo
Oldskewl Free 3D Engine Demo for Mobiles : 100% pure software 3d renderer created on 1st gen of java compatible phones
I made up a [[3D]] engine demo midlet, maybe you'll be insteressed in testing it,
It is supported in most [[Mobile]] devices
( [[Java]]/[[J2ME]] : midp-1.0, midp-2.0, nokia, exen, palmos, imode...)
and web applet.
But it must be also tested while I am improving it (i can only test on emus).
Here are the links :
OTA,WAP,GPRS : (install app to the phone)  or
WWW : (get .jar + .jad for your phone)
Contact me online if possible :

I expect that to publish a SDK in the future, for users that want to disign some simple 3D puzzles games (like rubic's cube etc)


Current API (prerelease version)

Wanna contribute, leave some notes on the wiki diet3d page :



Several pple did ask for access to use diet3d to display their 3D model currently this feature must requier some addition to my code which requiere a bit of time i may look at this before 1st of june 2004, unless some pple make a parser

As long there are no decent parser ready, I can help to give a demo version which will include your models all object must be sized (2*11585) ^ 3

here are 2 exemples of models (1st one is cube , 2d one is the pinguin),

… I will also made a converter : for linux :

May it helps (stay in touch in the rzr-en list)

[[ToDo]] /

Data Specs

/// vertices (scaled between - 11585 and + 11585
public static final int mesh_vv[[]][[]]= {
{ 0, 11585, 0 }, ...
/// faces (triangles of vertices index)
public static final int mesh_vf[[]][[]]= {
{ 56, 48, 47 },  ...
/// color per face (0xRRGGBB )
public static final int mesh_vc[[]]= {
0xed80ed,  ...

If needed, I made a tool for converting | seek for mini3d

[[ToDo]] / Rubiks version

class Rubiks {
int[[]] vertex;
int[[]] faces;
int[[]] colors;
// change the colors
public void rotateFrontRow( int rownum , bool rightOrLeft) {}

I done for a 2x2x2 cube, now replace vertex and faces array by 1D arrays , will optimise speed.

Related : 3D


simple file parser (in java using j2me API) input file format maybe anything as soon as Mesh are described as list of vertex (int , int , int) and triangles (int, int, int) … vertex should be int because we are using Fixed Points maths


palmos4+ : pick the .prc file in the (midp-1.0 & 2.0 folders)

and use sun J2ME JVM for palm (I can convert .jar file for other jvm on

demand, just tell me how)

midp1.0 has been tested successfully on :
  • Palm / I TungstenT2 + Sun JVM (midp1.0)
  • Palm m515 (Palm OS 4.1 + java HQ 1.0) (midp1.0) @


Does not work :

  • <ekido> m341i , mitsubishi imode

portalmmm/2.0 M342i(c10;TB)

SIE-MC60/10 Profile/MIDP-1.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.0 UP.Browser/ (GUI) MMP/1.0 UP.Link/1.1

Thanx to BetaTesters see Mobiles :

<alkama> it's a mitsubishi m342i
<alkama> it has some imode j2me (doja1,5)
<RzR_amilo> the doja version is at
<alkama> 404 on the jam
<alkama> hum, java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
<alkama> on the 8th effect
<alkama> oh, and you realy should think about locking the graphics
<alkama> for each frame
<alkama> looks like you're not locking the graphics, it makes the screen shiver;)
<alkama> bad refresh;)
<alkama> except that, it's fine Mitsubishi M342i (i-mode)




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