How to repair powerpack

First you should know that there are many fake mii devices on the market,

like the one I purchased at H. AKG Electronic market in Shenzhen, I don't remember the actual price but It looked cheap to me maybe 40 CNY.

I also got a similar one or as freebie from Tizen Developer conference, and plan to use this mobile charger to power a SBC (5V).

The device worked fine, until I noticed that the USB plug was not aligned to the hole, I don't know if It was not well mounted or just forced or misused.

An someday the micro USB plug was to far be electrically connected and not charging anymore.

So I decided to open it using brute force method, but I will describe how to open it properly instead.

1st step, remove the bottom plate using a cutter and moving around until the glued part can be teared apart, normally you'll see 2 small screws.

2d step, unscrew the 2 small screws and then try to pull whole








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